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Halcyon Days Music contains a collection of Early American Music and Vintage Songs from the early 1900s, 1910s and 1920s.

Our archive of vintage music contains a wide assortment of Early American Music and Popular Songs in MIDI music format which you can download and listen to on your computer at home. Each vintage song is accompanied with its vintage sheet music cover and music lyrics.

Oh, What Wonderful Things One Little Girlie Can Do

Oh, What Wonderful Things One Little Girlie Can Do

Year 1917

Lyrics by Jack Yellen
Music by Ira Schuster and Jack Glogau

Leo Feist Inc.
Feist Building
New York

  First Verse
History is full of deeds that famous men have done, Like Napoleon, and Thomas Edison, We can brag about them, but remember by the way, The great big things some little girl is doing every day:

Second Verse
Still we hear the women shouting, "We Want Liberty, And we must be free from man's tyranny!" "They must give us equal rights, why should we be the goats?" But they forget, one girl can do more than a thousand votes:

One little girl drives a dozen men wild, One little girl makes an old man a child, One little kiss and you jump in the sky, One look like this and you're ready to die. One little girl makes your bank book a sight, And though your rent's over due, Still you buy diamond rings, Oh what wonderful things One little girlie can do.

Chorus 2
One little girl acts so simple and shy, Seems like an angel just out of the sky, You promise her that you'll give her a ring, She makes believe that she don't know a thing. Gives you your way and you say to yourself, "This is too good to be true," And you think it's great sport, Till she drags you in court, Oh, what wonderful things she can do.

Patriotic Chorus
Some little girls take a mighty big chance, One little girl led the soldiers of France Many a girl gladly gives everything, Just for her Country, her Flag and her King. And Miss America she'll do the same, For the old Red, White and Blue, In the hour of need, Oh, what wonderful deeds You little girlies can do.


The Flowers Are Calling Sweetheart But I'm Longing Most Of All

The Flowers Are Calling Sweetheart But I'm Longing Most Of All

Year 1916

Words and music by Amy Ashmore Clark

Photo of actress Miss Jane Grey on the front cover.

M. Witmark and Sons.

  First Verse
Don't you remember one day in Spring, When the sky seemed so blue and clear, You lifted my pink sun bonnet, And whispered three words in my ear? Those words echo still in the meadow, And the flowers all know them by heart, They're asking me where you are now, dear, They don't know that we've drifted apart.

Second Verse
Don't you remember one night in June, When the moon shone so bright above, You pressed me so close to your heart, dear, And promised me all of you love? You vowed that you never would leave me, If I'd give my love to you, I've given you all my heart, my soul. What else in the world could I do?

The daisies said they heard you when you vowed your love was true, The buttercups remember and so do the corn flow'rs blue; The meadows now are lonely, The birds don't seem to call, The flowers are calling sweetheart, but I'm longing most of all.


My Ever Loving Southern Gal

My Ever Loving Southern Gal

Year 1910

By Hedges Brothers and Jacobson

Originally introduced by Knight and Deyer in Vaudville

Will Rossiter
152 Lake Street
Chicago, Illinois

  First Verse
In an old log cabin Down in Tennessee Lives the sweetest little gal, you ever want to see With eyes that shine like diamonds Teeth as white as pearl Listen while I tell you about my little southern gal.

Southern gal Oh my ever loving southern gal With eyes that shine so bright the stars at night, for fear they won't be noticed why they fade away from sight and so I say my pet Oh you cert'ny are my one best bet Please love me truly truly, don't be so unruly My ever loving Southern gal.


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