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Halcyon Days Music contains a collection of Early American Music and Vintage Songs from the early 1900s, 1910s and 1920s.

Our archive of vintage music contains a wide assortment of Early American Music and Popular Songs in MIDI music format which you can download and listen to on your computer at home. Each vintage song is accompanied with its vintage sheet music cover and music lyrics.

We'll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home

We'll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home

Year 1915

Lyrics by Coleman Goetz
Music by Walter Donaldson

Waterson, Berlin and Snyder Co.
Strand Theater Building
Broadway at 47th Street
New York

  First Verse
I've lost my appetite, Can't sleep a wink at night, There's something haunting me, In all my dreams I see A quaint old bungalow, Where sweet magnolias grow, And southern breezes blow, I want you to know,

Second Verse
The Southern atmosphere Will find me full of cheer. I'll ramble here and there, And never have a care. I'll have some pigs in pens, Also some laying hens, That lay by fives and tens, Let me tell you, friends,

I've got a sneaky feeling 'round my heart That I want to settle down I guess I'll pack my grip and take a trip To a good old southern town. You can have your high brow airs, Just give me three good squares with the corn and 'lasses, served by Rastus; I'll be tickled to death to know that I can stay right there, And I'll never care to roam; Come on along with me and have a jubilee, In my old Kentucky Home.


So Long Sal The Best Of Friends Must Part

So Long Sal The Best Of Friends Must Part

Year 1918

Words by Andrew B. Sterling
Music by Arthur Lange

Joe Morris Music Co.
145 W. 45th Street
New York

  First Verse
It's hard when a couple of pals have to part, But it's all for the best, old Gal, So don't try to tell me what's down in your heart, For I know what's in mine, old pal, Smile through your tears tho it may be for years, say good bye and good luck to me Sal.

Second Verse
When we were a couple of kids long ago, It was love at first sight, old Gal, Our love will grow stronger, as older we grow, It's the kind that will last, old pal, Tears are just tears but a smile lasts for years, let me take one away with me Sal.

So long Sal, you've always been one grand old Pal. I hate to see you grieve, you hate to see me leave, But I'll be back with a bundle of kisses for you, Keep a cozy corner for me 'way down in your heart Goodbye Pal So long Sal, You know the best of friends must part.


On The Shore Of Samoa

On The Shore Of Samoa

Year 1916

Lyrics by Stanley Murphy
Music by Harry Puck

Jerome H. Remick and Co.
New York and Detroit

  First Verse
Sammy was a skipper with a lonesome past For, when he shipped upon a clipper 'fore the mast, He sailed the salty seas about a year or more Until he met a native maiden in Samoa. He told her her all the tales of love he knew, And then he sailed away; Now every time he's feeling sad and blue He sings this lay:

Second Verse
Sammy shook the salty sea and settled down, Built himself a bungalow in Frisco town, He entertains his friends and neighbors by the score, But poor old Sammy can't forget Samoa's shore. They say he's fixing up to sail away Across the silvry foam; Out where he left his lonely heart one day, He'll make his home.

On the silvry sanded shore Of an Island in Samoa, I left my Luki, Luki Loa, That's why I want to go back some more To the shore of Samoa; Where the Banyan trees, as they wig wagged o'er the Southern Seas, They whiser'd "Come back, come back, sailor boy. You know you left a little broken toy On the shore of Samoa, in the Sunny South sea Isles".


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