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Halcyon Days Music contains a collection of Early American Music and Vintage Songs from the early 1900s, 1910s and 1920s.

Our archive of vintage music contains a wide assortment of Early American Music and Popular Songs in MIDI music format which you can download and listen to on your computer at home. Each vintage song is accompanied with its vintage sheet music cover and music lyrics.

Let Your Smile Be Like The Sunshine

Let Your Smile Be Like The Sunshine

Year 1920

Words and Music by H.C. Weasner

H.C. Weasner and Company
257 Washington Street
Buffalo, New York

  First Verse
When the evening shades again are softly falling, And I ponder, as I wander, Thru a garden where the roses in their splendor, Bring dreams, dear, of you; How again in happy childhood, We'll live again in mem'ry land, How the radiance of your smile brought sunshine Like a golden strand.

Second Verse
When the roses bloom again in dear old Loveland, I'll be yearning, your returning, And the mocking birds are singing in the wildwood, Their songs just for you; While the Vesper bells are ringing, The sweetest melody of all, Then I dream again of smiles that haunt me As the shadows fall.

Let your smile, dear, be like the sunshine, Let it brighten the way, Like roses in all their splendor, On a bright summer day; After the clouds then will come the sunshine, And the skies seem more blue, 'Tis then Love you'll find me watching and waiting for you.




Year 1921

Words and Music by Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz Music Pub. Co.
114 West 44th Street
New York City

  First Verse
Many are your charms They're on my mind But there's only one It's just devine It's not the taking ways you have, it's not your dainty grace But they're the pretty dimples nestled in your face They worry me so as they come and go I can't live without them. That's what I know.

Dimples your pretty dimples Just like the stars twinkling in the sky They send their message right to my heart dear And when you smile dear They make me sigh I long to kiss them I can't resist them Oh how I miss them when you're not by They're so enticing And so inviting They are the dimples I idolize.


Somebody's Waiting For You

Somebody's Waiting For You

Year 1906

Words by Vincent Bryan
Music by Al. Gumble

Photo of Bessie Wynn on front cover.
Artwork by Starmer

Jerome H. Remick and Co.
New York and Detroit

  First Verse
In a cool shady nook by the side of a brook, two sweet maidens were fishing alone They talked as they fished, and the younger girl wished for the sweetheart, she never had known The other girl said, with a toss of her head, "Cheer up dear, there's no cause to be blue Your love you've not met, but he'll come to you yet, for there's somebody waiting for you."

Second Verse
Then a youth, passing by, heard her sister's reply, and he joined in their chat, half in fun. He said "It is true, someone's waiting for you, and I wish you thought, I was the one." She paused for a while, and she said, with a smile, "I'm not sure, but you may be, it's true. But if you are wrong, why, you won't worry long, for there's somebody waiting for you."

Somewhere, somebody's waiting for you, you, you. Somewhere, somebody's longing, whose heart is true Sometime you'll love somebody, who loves you too Somewhere, somebody's waiting for you, you, you.


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