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Vincent Price Old Time Radio shows in MP3 format on One CD (55 shows with a total playing time of 21 hours and 4 minutes).

Below is a complete listing of Vincent Price Old Time Radio shows that is available for sale through OTRCAT by visiting the following web link: www.otrcat.com

Listen to Vincent Price Old Time Radio shows

13th Juror
  1. Thirteenth Juror 490423 What Happened John Wi
Bob & Ray
  1. BRAY 590821 CBS SHOW
CBS Radio Workshop
  1. CBS Radio Workshop 560406 11 Cinderella
  2. CBS Radio Workshop 570421 62 Son of Man
Columbia Presents Corwin
  1. Cpc 450717 Undecided Molecule
Command Performance
  1. CP471130 353 Vincent Price Kay Starr Joan Davis
Duffy's Tavern
  1. Duffy510126 Actors Club at the Tavern-Vincent
  1. Escape 108 500131 Present Tense
  2. Escape 114 500317 Three Skeleton Key
  3. Escape 129 500630 Bloodbath
  1. frightenstein main intro and music
  2. frightenstein vincent price apes at the zoo
  3. frightenstein vincent price grizeldas cooking
  4. frightenstein vincent price librarian in for
  5. frightenstein vincent price professors centre
  6. frightenstein why doesnt vincent price ever i
Hollywood Star Playhouse
  1. HSP 510920 09 Hour of Truth
Hollywood Star Time
  1. HST 460203 Shock
Jack Benny
  1. JB490206 Don Signs a New Contract
Lux Radio Theater
  1. lux440306 The Letter
  2. lux450205 470 Laura
  3. lux461007 Dragonwyck
  4. lux470217 560 Devotion
  1. Alice Cooper & Vincent Price - Black Widow
  2. Alice Cooper Vincent Price-Theawake
  3. Faust'O-Vincent Price
  4. Vincent Price Boys
  5. Vincent Price Interview
  6. Vincent Price Mushrooms
  7. Vincent Price Roastpork
  1. Obsession Paranoia With Vincent Price
Philip Morris Playhouse
  1. Philip Morris Plyhs 022549 Leonas Room
Screen Guild Theater
  1. Sgp 450423 242 Flesh And The Fantasy
  2. Sgp 460401 On Borrowed Time
  3. Sgp 501005 475 Champaign For Ceasar
Sealtest Village Store
  1. Sealtest 470320 Village Store
  1. Spns067 431123 Death Of Charles Umberstein Vincent Price
  2. Spns094 440601 Fugue In C Minor Vincent Price
  3. Spns210 460912 Hunting Trip
  4. Spns317 481202 Hands Of Mr Ottermole
  5. Spns688 570303 Present Tense
  6. Spns702 570609 Green And Gold String Vincent Price
  7. Spns724 571110 Pit & The Pendulum
  8. Spns753 580601 Rave Notice Vincent Price
  9. Spns773 581018 Three Skeleton Key Vincent Price
  10. Spns811 590719 Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge
The Croupier
  1. Croupier 490921 The Roman
Theater of Romance
  1. Theater of Romance 451009 067 Angel Street
Treasury Star Theater
  1. Treasury Star 072 with Vincent Price
  2. Treasury Star 081 with Vincent Price
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
  1. YTJD 580202 574 The Price of Fame Matter

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