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Tommy Dorsey Old Time Radio shows in MP3 format on One CD (36 shows with a total playing time of over 12 hours).

Below is a complete listing of Tommy Dorsey Old Time Radio shows that is available for sale through OTRCAT by visiting the following web link: www.otrcat.com

Tommy Dorsey Show
  1. Tommy Dorsey And Duke Ellington
  2. Tommy Dorsey And Rita Hayworth
  3. Tommy Dorsey At The Hollywood Paladium
  4. Tommy Dorsey Show (poor sound)
  5. Tommy Dorsey Show 460721
  6. Tommy Dorsey With Frank Sinatra
  7. TommyDorsey 401126
  8. TommyDorsey 420818
Other Appearances with Tommy Dorsey
  1. AFRS 043 Your All Time Hit Parade With Tommy Dorsey
  2. Bill Stern 451109 e314 Tommy Dorsey
  3. Bing Crosby 440706 with Tommy, Jimmy Dorsey
  4. CP441107 149 C.Colbert B.Burns Tommy Dorsey
  5. GI JIVE AFRS 271 Tommy Dorsey - Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
  6. GI JIVE AFRS 510 Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie
  7. GI JIVE AFRS 705 Tommy Dorsey - Blue Skies
  8. GI JIVE AFRS 848 Tommy Dorsey - Song Of India
  9. GI JIVE AFRS 851 Tommy Dorsey - Opus One
  10. GI JIVE AFRS 856 Tommy Dorsey - Well Get It
  11. GI JIVE AFRS 890 Tommy Dorsey - Moonlight On The Ganges
  12. GI JIVE AFRS 901 Tommy Dorsey - Opus One
  13. GI JIVE AFRS Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie
  14. GI JIVE AFRS Tommy Dorsey - Opus One
  15. GI JIVE AFRS Tommy Dorsey - Well Get It
  16. GI JIVE AFRS Tommy Dorsey - Who
  17. Heres To Veterans 0311 Jimmy Dorsey
  18. Jimmy Dorsey At The Hollywood Paladium
  19. Jubilee 091 Elmer Fain, Tommy Dorsey
  20. Songs By Sinatra 451024 Tommy Dorsey
  21. Sound Off 414 Tommy Dorsey Heat Wave
  22. Tommy Dorsey 380728 Guest Jack Benny
  23. Yns01 Tommy Dorseysong Of India
  24. Yns02 Tommy Dorseyboogie Woogie
  25. Yns03 Tommy Dorseyswanee River
  26. Yns04 Tommy Dorseyyodel Song
  27. Your All Time Hit Parade 440702 Dorsey, Frances Langford

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