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Fred Astaire Old Time Radio shows in MP3 format on One CD (16 shows with a total playing time of 10 hours 20 minutes).

Below is a complete listing of Fred Astaire Old Time Radio shows that is available for sale through OTRCAT by visiting the following web link: www.otrcat.com

Fred Astaire OTR Radio Shows
  1. Academy Award Ceremony 500323 1949 Awards
  2. Bing Crosby 480407 Fred Astaire
  3. Bing Crosby 510103 041 Chesterfield W Fred Astaire
  4. Bing Crosby 510509 060 Chesterfield W Fred Astaire
  5. Bing Crosby 520206 085 Chesterfield W Fred Astaire
  6. Burns & Allen 440215 Astaire's Tap Dancing Drives Geor
  7. Com 07 The Gay Divorcee (34) Astairerogersgrable
  8. Com 17 Roberta (1935) Astairerogersirene Dunn
  9. Com 76 Sunny (1941) Irene Dunnfred Astaireginger Rogers
  10. Packard Hour 360915 02 Fred Astaire Host
  11. Packard Hour 360922 03 The Abby Platers Fred Astaire
  12. Packard Hour 361103 09 The Dentist
  13. Packard Hour 361103 [wrong Date] Fred Astaire
  14. Packard Hour 370126 Haunted House Sketch Frec Astaire
  15. Philco Radio Time 480407 (78) At The Flying Y
  16. Sdp 490424 E016 The Sky's The Limit

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