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Exotica Music is a musical form and genre that was made popular during the 1950s and 1960s. Exotica Music conveyed a musical fantasy feeling and impression of Polynesia, the Tropics and the Orient.

We will be adding more information for this area of the Web Site devoted to Exotica Music in the coming weeks, bit by bit. In the mean time we will kick things off with Martin Denny, the man who is known as the "Father of Exotica".

Martin Denny - Collection of Web Sites and Discography of Martin Denny an American piano player and composer of Exotica Music celebrating the Tiki culture.

Les Baxter - Music Collection and Discography of Les Baxter, music composer of the Exotica albums Tamboo, Skins and Ritual of the Savage to name a few.

Tiki Mug   TikiMug.org is a Web Site for those with a love of Tiki Mugs and all things Tiki - Tiki Mug collectors can trade and sell Tiki Mugs with other collectors around the World. Be sure to pay a visit at www.tikimug.org and view the various styles of Tiki Mugs for sale and trade.

Arthur Lyman Records

Hawaiian Sunset    Taboo   

Les Baxter Records

Ritual Of The Savage    Skins    Space Escapade    Tamboo   

Martin Denny Records

Afro Desia    Exotica / Exotica Volume 2    Exotica Volume 3   

Forbidden Island    Hypnotique    Primitiva    Quiet Village   

Robert Drasnin Records


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The Tikiyaki Orchestra - performing in the styles of Classic Exotica, Traditional Hawaiian and Lounge Music.

Atomic Ranch Magazine - magazine dedicated to promoting Midcentury houses from 1940s style ranch houses through 1960s Modern style houses.

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