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Bela Lugosi Old Time Radio shows in MP3 format on One CD (7 shows with a total playing time of 4 hours and 14 minutes).

Below is a complete listing of Bela Lugosi Old Time Radio shows that is available for sale through OTRCAT by visiting the following web link: www.otrcat.com

  1. Candid Microphone Bela Lugosi
  2. CDNP 491212 e10 Gasoline Cocktail
  3. CPUSA 461110 238 Superman w Bob Hope
  4. Fred Allen 430425 418 T S T w Bela Lugosi
  5. Mystery House Thirsty Death
  6. SUSP 430202 027 The Doctor Prescribed Death
  7. Texaco 391115 Criminal Code

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